There’s something amazing about laying in bed listening to my favorite live internet radio programs for the first time. It was something like playing Super Mario World on Game Boy advance while out and about. Too good to be true.

AOL radio is great and all but it’s a little controlled. CBS Radio has a stake in the programming and the stations are run by large entities. It’s perfect for listening to AM 1090 KPTK here in Seattle for portable Stephanie Miller or dial into 97.1 Free FM for Adam Carolla’s incessant ramblings or Tom Leykis if I want to resent women.
But let’s say I want to listen to something more off the beaten path. This is where the Tuner app from Nullriver, Inc excells. Stations vary in size from large major radio stations to dank old basements running playlists unmanned.

Random Loveline is self explanatory and is one of my favorites to listen. Dr. Drew and Carolla had perfect chemistry and impeccable ability of diagnosis mostly to abused women with the desire to find their long lost daddies.

FartSTEAM has a playlist of a cubic butt ton of prank calls and comedy bits and is host to live prank radio shows in which you can hear pranks as they happen and even participate yourself by calling in.

As for music, there are countless stations to choose from. Every genre you can think of. There are even karaoke stations playing the average Joe’s attempt at their favorite ballad. (Listen with caution)

The world of music is now accessible on your iPhone/iPod.


The first release of this software allowed access to all stations. Updates to the software inhibited most of the stations from showing up when you search for them. Bad idea. They killed the beauty of discovery as was possible with Shoutcast.Now, URLs must be found of the station you want (via Mac or PC) and you must add it manually. Why did they do this? I don’t know. If I researched a little I could probably find out, but I would like to think it’s because of higher powers associated with federal communications. The radio industry doesn’t really like internet radio, especially the small stations pumping out music that can be heard on the FM dial.

It’s a small road block and one that I can deal with.  I know the stations I’d like to listen to on my iPod and I have entered them in. For those who aren’t familiar with the range of stations available, I recommend searching through shoutcast without the limitations of Tuner’s search.

I recommend purchasing the Tuner app if you are into not just music but into radio. There’s just something about being able to listen to local radio in Sydney or paranormal radio from a portable device.

Use Pandora for music,
AOL radio for syndicated broadcast,
and Tuner for everything else you’ve ever wanted to hear.


Insight from a professional of the broadcast industry, Joe Cassara of WDNA FM in Florida

“The radio industry doesn’t really like internet radio, especially the small stations pumping out music that can be heard on the FM dial.”
Joe Cassara wrote:
Just a few notes:

1. The FCC isn’t a player in this. (At any rate, Nullriver appears to be a Canadian company.)

2. The NAB is lukewarm towards online radio.

3. The radio business itself is salivating over internet radio’s potential.

4. The *record industry* hates internet radio.


Saw a church billboard on my way home from work…

Cute play on words, but if taken literally… well…. Let’s take a trip!

Turn right… ok. It’s illegal to turn left.

Going straight


Almost there. Where are we?

oh shit

Cube Runner, designed by Andy Qua, was the first app I downloaded for my iPod Touch, mainly because it was free and I was eager to watch my first app download and install.  I kept it because it’s actually fun to play because of its simplicity.

You are an arrow shaped airplane thingie dodging squares as you glide on a 3D horizontal plane. That’s it. If you hit a square, you explode into pieces.

Now, in my small circle of friends, there is some resentment as to why I like the game. Kaywood says that it’s TOO simple and not visually stimulating enough to even be recognized as a game. He tried it one time and sucked at it, I’m sure. When I reached the area of the map that magically changes everything into xray mode, I showed him. He said, “If the whole game was like that he would play it” What the fuck!

Today I was playing Cuberunner and had an idea to aid in the control of the game. I pierced a chopstick through the back of my rubberized ipod case for handlebars.
I can play Cube Runner with handlebars….

With Handlebars….

I’ll play this game whenever I have time. It’s smooth and responsive like every app should be (Twinkle!!) While it may not be as cool as Aurora Feint or as saucy as Hold ’em, it’s the essence of what a video game should be. Fun.

Yeah, feel my burn.